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Our identity:

Security pollinators? Cyber beekeepers?

Our identity: Start from your present to secure your future

Our vision

Here for you

The security is essential for the protection of personal informations, intellectual property and customer data

Without cybersecurity, stability, hard-earned progress, and valuable insights from your businesses are threat

Our goal: To achieve BtoB audits to ensure professionals the safety of their sensitive data


All this by providing them with a report detailed and comprehensible information about the vulnerabilities of their systems security

transparent and accessible

Bee Cyber accompanies the professionals not only for the better to protect yourself in the face of cybercrime but also in their efforts to Cyber-risk insurance

Our key words? The transparency nd the simplicity !

Pricing, instructions, methodologies, offers,  everything is transparent and accessible

Our mission


Our values

An audit for a hive

We took the part of the bees...

This is not just for greenwashing!

Each audits carried out by Bee Cyber donates part of its profits for associations of struggle for backup and protection of bees in France.

We are engaged not only for you but also pfor them.

Bee Cyber exists and works like a hive, so we have to pay them royalties !

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