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Secure your site and your business.

Test the security of your IT infrastructure with confidence thanks to Bee Cyber

A cyber audit structured as
a bee hive

By testing your infrastructure, we find security flaws and fix them so that no one can access your personal data or that of your customers.

Pentest box Black/Grey

External or internal penetration tests with report

Single pricing

We adapt our prices according to your needs, the difficulty of access to your infrastructures and the formula chosen!

OWASP method

Strategy identifying the last flaws likely to endanger your business

Advice & fault repair

We offer you

cybersecurity consulting

et  tailor-made repair of faults noted

Simplicity of reports,
accessible to everyone.

Think cybersecurity
for all professionals !

In only a few days, we are able to test the reliability of your site/server thanks to our experts in cybersecurity

The operation allows to detect any flaw without damaging your data

All these operations are carried out in thetrust and transparency

All our reports as well as our offersadaptyours with areadabilityof the clearest

Transparency is our watchword

In full polinization:


our age


Proposed offers


Faults found

15 day

Completion time


Customer reviews

Are you ready to buzz safely?

Bee, a response to current issues.

Thanks toBee Cyber,  it's good to feel safe!

In front of theincreasing riseof thehacks, ransom demands, and data theft, we position ourselves as  "white bees".

We will come to analyze your IT infrastructure in order to report to you the vulnerabilities to be secured.


(NO reasons to be afraid of hornets)

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